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Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming – UCL Final 2015-16

Milan will be witness to one of the biggest matches so far this year and there is absolutely no football frantic out there who isn’t talking about this fixture. The Madrid derby will be held in San Siro in Milan to decide who deserves the UEFA Champions League crown.

Making it to the final in itself was a huge task, with both teams doing a splendid job to make it. Losing in the final is in no way a shortcoming and most teams will bow out with honour and pride, but these two Spanish Giants have no other intention than winning Europe’s most prestigious club honour. This match will be watched by the whole world, even by those Barca’ fans who say that they don’t care about this match the least.

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming UCL Final

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming

Date: 28 May 2016

Time: 9:00 pm [GMT]

Venue: San Siro

Live Streaming: YouTube

What makes this match more special?? That’s right, this Champion’s league final comes with its on “extraa’s”, some very special one’s too!

For starters, this is the second time these two teams are facing each other in the UCL final and those who saw the last match, surely knows what they are in for. What more?- well, the two men behind these teams are in absolutely sublime form; FY, I’m not talking about the players; I’m referring to the two very incredible managers.

Diego Simeone has produced an unstoppable or rather, unbreakable team  This Madrid giant gave away just 18 goals all season in all fixtures, and all the player’s will only point to Diego Simeone if asked who deserves the credit. The Argentinian’s strategic experience and his ability to convince his players that they can do wonders by sitting deep and by going all-out surely brings out his mastery in the sport.

Then we have Simeone’s counterpart, a man who is already legend for club and country and hoping to relive that status once again through a different path. Zinedine Zidane is an inspiration of all sorts and the club and its fans, and everyone else has already seen why. He took charge of a team halfway through the season and did wonders with it.

Who would have imagined that a man who has never been a professional manager before could do this? He took his side to just within 1 point of the La Liga crown and now has brought it to the finals of the biggest club stage in Europe. Hats off to him. What’s more amazing is that he didn’t make many changes to his predecessor’s plans, he just tweaked them a bit.

Pitching a Cristiano Ronaldo and a certain Gareth Bale at their peak in the season is another treat in itself. Just to make it clear, Griezmann and Torres are no joke either!!

If you miss this action, you are missing out on more than just a match, you’re missing out on life, pride, honour, commitment and much more. This is the one of the rarest time you’ll see the Madrid fans sharing a similar heartbeat with the rest of the world.

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