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El Clasico Fights Videos | Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

El Clasico Fights Videos During Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Matches

We all knows that Real Madrid vs Barcelona is one of the most heated, popular and an intense rivalry of football. Sometimes rivalry goes to that level at which it becomes hard to handle for the entire team. Something unexpected things happens in front of us that makes huge impact on football. Those who have watched almost every match in past few years have seen some tough El Clasico games. But in the end, everyone shakes hands with their rivals and the aggression get converted into emotion. This is why we all love football. El clasico live streaming provides you the fights videos of Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Scroll down this page and take a look on those tough games.

El Clasico fights videos

El Clasico Fights Video | Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa Slaps Lionel Messi

El Clasico Fights Video

This video is featured with two Madrid and one Barca players. During an El Clasico game, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was fouled by Arbeloa who later slapped Messi on his face. Messi appeared agitated throughout the match, reportedly trading insults with Arbeloa, with both players covering mouths to hide their words. Take a look on the incident below.

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Sergio Ramos Vs Carles Puyol

El Clasico Fights Video

It was a nightmare for Real Madrid when they were humiliated by huge defeat of 5-0 at the Estadio Camp Nou by Barcelona. Spanish defender Sergio Ramos was given straight red card for bringing down Lionel Messi and put his hands into Puyol’s face.

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Alvaro Arbeloa Kicks David Villa

El Clasico Fights Video

Once again, Alvaro Arbeloa was in breaking news for kicking former Spanish forward David Villa during an El clasico match. He and his team-mate pulled Villa off the ground after Villa was knocked down by Arbeloa.

Cristiano Ronaldo Pushes Pep Guardiola

El Clasico Fights Video

Again it was big defeat for Los Blancos under the management of Pep Guardiola. it took place when Madrid conceded two early goals in first half. Pep Guardiola picked the ball, Ronaldo reached out for it and Pep held it out of his reach and then threw it aside. Relive the moment again in the video below.

Fouls, Dives, Red Cards Video In One El Clasico

In the end, watch the video of featuring all fights of Real Madrid vs Barcelona in which lots of fouls, red cards and dives were recorded.

So these are the fights videos of El Clasico matches. If you like this article, then you can share it with other El Clasico fans. Keep on surfing the other pages of this website.

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