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15+ El Clasico Facts You Should Know About

Here are more than 15 amazing facts about El Clasico that you should know if you are fan of either Real Madrid or Barcelona. The two top giants of football faces each other at lease twice a year. Today, we are bringing you some facts and figures about this one of the best football rivalries. So scroll down this page and have a look on these facts!

el clasico facts

15+ El Clasico Facts You Should Know About

  1. Pasillo or the guard of honor, where fans of the opposite team applaud their rivals coming out of the tunnel if the title has been already decided. So far in the history of El Clasico, Pasillo happened three times, once for Barcelona and twice for Real Madrid.
  2. Football club Barcelona have record of 6 consecutive wins in the history of El Clasico. They achieved this milestone during the period of 25 Jan 1948 to 15 Jan 1949.
  3. On 19 June 1943, Real Madrid won against Barca by 11-1 during a game of Copa del Rey. This is the longest win in the history of El Clasico.
  4. Lionel Messi [Barcelona] and Ferenc Puskas [Real Madrid] have scored the most number of hat-trick in this rivalry. Both players have scored 2 hat-tricks. Lionel Messi also have record of providing maximum assists [13]
  5. After UEFA Champions League final, it is the most watched football match in the football.
  6. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao are the only clubs in the La Liga to have never been relegated.
  7. Real Madrid have record of maintaining 14 games unbeaten against Barcelona which is the longest unbeaten record in Real Madrid vs Barcelona rivalry.
  8. $3.44 billion, it is the market value of Real Madrid. Barcelona with market value of $3.2 billion.
  9. Total of 33 footballers have worn jersey of both clubs means they have played El Clasico representing both clubs.
  10. On seven occasions, both teams failed to break the deadlock. So far in the history of El Clasico, seven matches ended without a goal.
  11. Real Madrid’s Manuel Sanchis have played the most number of El Clasico matches [43], followed by Francisco Gento and Xavi Hernandez [42 each].
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo have a record of scoring goals in most consecutive matches. He scored seven goals in 6 back to back games during the period of 2011-12 Copa del Rey first leg to 2012-13 La Liga.
  13. Real Madrid won the domestic league La Liga 32 times, more than any other team. Their rivals Barcelona have won 28 Copa del Rey title, more than any other team.
  14. El Clasico is one of the highest paid football matches as it includes likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Neymar, Luis Suarez and others.
  15. So far, 264 [including competitive and exhibition] matches have been played between both sides. Real Madrid have won 97 games and Barcelona won 109 games.
  16. Real Madrid scored at-least a goal in 22 consecutive games during the period of 15 Feb 1959 to 19 September 1969.
  17. During the period of 3 April 1972 to 17 Feb 1974, Barcelona didn’t concede a goal in five back to back games, the best record in El Clasico.
  18. Both teams have scored 555 goals in La Liga since 1929 with an average goal ratio of 3.2. In those games, Barcelona scored 274, while Real Madrid netted 281 times.

So these are the facts about El Clasico or you can say Barcelona vs Real Madrid rivalry. Hope you like them. If you really like, feel free to share this page.

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